Freedom On Trial
Freedom On Trial
Freedom On Trial - Video

The federal Food and Drug Administration censors truthful statements about how foods affect diseases. Six courageous individuals have been fighting this censorship for decades, winning four First Amendment cases against the agency. This is their remarkable story.

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Entire Freedom On Trial video (33 mins.)

Play individual interviews:

Introduction (2:52) - by Terrence McNally
Julian Whitaker M.D. (6:37)
Jonathan Emord (7:10)
Charles B. Simone M.D. (5:01)
Steve Wallach (2:19)
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (4:43)
Conclusion (4:09) - by Claudia Lewis-Eng
      and Terrence McNally

To make a financial contribution in support of litigation against FDA censorship, contact EMORD & ASSOCIATES - - (202) 466-6937

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